5 Trending Ice-Cream Parlours in KL & PJ

Ice-cream fever is never going to quiet down especially in this scorching weather and the temptations arising from trendy ice-cream parlours in KL & PJ.  Here’s the top 5 ice-cream spots launched in Offpeak.my that you must try:

1. P.S. Tokyo

P.S Tokyo, located at SS2, first floor is a Japanese-inspired cafe focusing on giving a unique Japanese experience on top of serving quality Japanese desserts and drinks. Their interior concept is minimal and industrial which makes the cafe effortlessly cozy and modern. Consists of glass walls, allowing sunlight to penetrate through, tables and chairs made of wood and steel.


[Picture credits to P.S Tokyo]

To offer a similar authentic experience, a bar is designed to create an interior resembling a cozy and quiet minimalist cafe facing the busy traffic at Omotesando. So do sit at the bar at night for a mesmerizing view and see if it leaves you a lasting-impression!



[Picture credits to P.S Tokyo]

P.S. Tokyo is currently operating with a very simple menu consisting of Japanese flavoured Matcha, Hojicha and Milk Softserve. If you want more excitement than just solely softserve, you can try their Matcha Affogato(RM 13.9), Matcha Parfait & Hojicha Parfait(RM 15.9).Their signature softserves would be Matcha and Hojicha which undoubtedly won many softserve fans! Matcha and Hojicha, in other words known as fine powder tea and over roasted tea respectively. 

P.S Tokyo uses the best ingredients around, they do not settle for less. They use one of the best Matcha and Hojicha ingredients from Uji, Kyoto to give an authentic flavour experience to their customers. No milk replacement and premix were used during the creation to ensure premium experience of thick and rich soft serve. 

Overall, the soft-serve is thick, smooth and well-balanced in terms of sweetness. One of the best soft-serve so far! Huge cup at RM9.9 while mini ones(picture above) at RM 6.9.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Wasabi Softserve (RM8.9)

The NEW creation, the one and only Wasabi Softserve with a spoonful of Ebiko in P.S. Tokyo! Good news to Wasabi lovers and for those who aren’t one, double your courage to try it! You’ll expect a punch of Wasabi flavour from the creamy soft-serve. Fiery flavour indeed. However, it’s only for a limited time only so quickly drop by! 

[Picture credits to P.S Tokyo]

P.S. Tokyo currently have an Instagram Print counter where you can get their instagram pictures printed automatically once you have posted a picture with the hastag #pstokyo. It’s for free of charge and hassle-free so you better get your selfie/wefie game ON. You can choose to keep your pictures or put it up on this beautiful wall. Pretty isn’t it? Definitely an enjoyable experience along top quality softserves!

You can enjoy up to 30% discount when you make a reservation through Offpeak.

More info:

hoursTue-Sun: 12pm-12am
contact+ 60122133706
location80A, Jalan SS2/60


2. Softsrve

Softsrve, located at Damansara Uptown is an artisan ice cream parlor that specialises on creating unusual soft ice- cream flavours and experience. Softsrve initially started off with only two flavours which are cereal milk and deep chocolate. Softsrve is the first to offer cereal milk soft serve flavour in KL which was inspired by New York’s Momofuku Milk Bar. Softsrve comes with interesting toppings- popcorn, honeycomb, cotton candy, crushed potato chips and truffles which makes their softserve photogenic to be instagram-worthy! Recently, 2 NEW flavours are added to their menu- Oolongcha & Honey Matcha. Parfaits are available in Softsrve as well- ‘Big Breakfast’, ‘High Tea’ and ‘After Dinner’ at RM 17.


[Picture credits to Softsrve]

Lovin’ the minimalist design. Of white walls, wooden chairs and tables and see-through entrance, allowing sunlight through. A cozy environment for you to enjoy your ice-cream!


Cereal Milk Softserve with Macaroon (RM12) [Picture credits to Softsrve]

It tastes just like how it sounds. Milky and creamy with obvious cereal fragrance. Cereal Milk is not your ordinary vanilla flavour, hence, you should give it a try! 

Deep Chocolate Softserve with Homemade Chocolate Truffles and drizzle of Chocolate Sauce (RM 12) [Picture credits to Softsrve]

Dark, bitter and creamy. Chocolate lovers, you’ll love this!

Each cup is served in another cup of dry ice to keep the ice cream from melting which explains the smoky effect from it. On top of that, it gives a theater effect which makes their softserve even more photogenic and gives a ‘wow’ factor!                                                                                              

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

                                                          Oolongcha Softserve with Churros (RM12)                                               Roasted black tea soaked with milk with savory and bitter finish. It comes with all kinds of toppings- sunflower, almonds, honey, cotton candy and churros. All-time customers’ favourite toppings would be sunflower and honey! The combination works well with the flavour. I personally love it as it has a strong roasted tea aftertaste, creamy texture and yet refreshing. You’ll love this if you’re an avid tea lover!

12329775_1052818144783642_857143970_n  Waffle Softserve (RM 15) [Picture credits to Softserve]

Crispy and fluffy waffles goes with all hand crafted softserve. There will be two sauces available for you to pick – burn butter espresso sauce or match sauce.                            

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Honey Matcha [modern interpretation] (RM 16)

Last but not least, the latest addition to their menu. Matcha is one of all time favourite flavour among dessert lovers. Softsrve’s matcha is with a twist- Honey Matcha Softserve. Bittersweet with subtle honey fragrance ends with heavy matcha aftertaste. 

Two new mini parfait featuring featuring Royce’ Malaysia have arrived! It comes in traditional and modern approach, both at RM 16. The difference between both are the layers. In traditional, honey matcha softserve is layered with shiratama dango, azuki red bean and kinako crunch along toppings of Royce’ R chocolat and Royce’ baton cookies. On the other hand for modern interpretation, honey matcha softserve consists layers of milk jelly, yogurt espuma and black sesame crumble along the same toppings- Royce’ R chocolat and Royce’ baton cookies.

I ordered the modern interpretation and it’s definitely not your typical Matcha softserve. For hardcore Matcha lovers, it’d be able to satisfy your cravings as it’s more to the bitter side and has a stronger matcha flavour. However, some of you may not fancy it if you like them subtle and on the sweeter side. The layers were interesting especially the yogurt espuma. It balances up the bitterness of the matcha and gives a creamy taste to it. The black sesame crumble adds some crunch texture to it. And, good quality Royce chocolate and cookies complementing it well.

Overall, a place you can hang out with your friends while enjoy a variety of softserves available here! Do check them out and their new flavours!

You can enjoy up to 20% discount when you make a reservation through Offpeak.

More info:
hoursTues-Sun: 12pm-11pm
contact+ 60163811740
location31, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama


3. Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar

Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar, located at Taman Paramount serves wonderful variety of homemade ice-creams along homemade waffles other than their cakes. Finding parking here isn’t easy, however the effort is worthwhile! The core concept of Fluffed is ‘Simplicity Made Perfect’. Fluffed’s homemade ice-cream- Hokeypokey, Lavender Blueberry, Black Chocolate, Red Strawberry, Earl Grey, Japanese Greentea, Peanut Butter(all at RM 7) & Macadamia Crumble (RM 8). 

Their homemade ice-creams are of smooth texture, creamy and flavours are well-balanced. Often, customers will pair their beautifully-made ice-cream with their delicious waffles! You can try solely on ice-cream or follow the crowd, up to your preference!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

The interior is minimalistic with wooden chairs and tables. The walls are painted white and it allows abundance of sunlight penetrating through the front, making photo session effortless easy.


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

                                                               Alice in Wonderland (RM17)

Consists of lavender blueberry ice-cream, blueberry compote, butter crumble & fresh berries. The lavender blueberry ice-cream was definitely the highlight of the dish as it had a soothing lavender aftertaste which goes so well with the fresh berries and waffles. No doubt, one of the best waffles I’ve tried so far! The waffles were absolutely fragrant, fluffy, light and airy with a slight crisp on the outer layer as an ideal waffle should be. 

 Pooh Bear’s Favourite (RM18) [Picture credits to Fluffed]

Consists of hokeypokey(honeycomb) ice-cream, salted caramel, crushed honeycomb & fruits. The honeycomb ice-cream balanced out well with the salted caramel with addition of the extra crunch from the crushed honeycomb. 

Overall, a good dining experience with good ice-cream over excellent waffles. Do check them out!

You can enjoy up to 20% discount when you make a reservation through Offpeak.

More info 
hoursTue-Thu: 12pm-10pm

         Fri-Sun: 12pm-11pm
contact+ 60378651833
location55, Jalan 20/7, Taman Paramount



4. IDC Ice Dreams Cafe

IDC Ice Dreams Cafe, located at Damansara Kim is an ice-cream parlour which their ice-cream is inspired by New Zealand’s Kapiti ice cream. You can enjoy scoops of creamy ice-cream or pair it in an affogato, with waffles and crepes, and even as an ice cream sandwich. You’ll find a whole range of ice cream flavours at IDC; spicy apple crumble,  lemongrass and ginger, raspberry sorbet and black doris plum & creme fraiche. 


[Picture credits to IDC]

Similar to other ice-cream spots, its design is minimalistic. Of white walls and brown furniture. A comfortable spot for dessert lovers to dine in.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetThere’s a cute tray hanging on the wall section which has boxes naming their various ice-creams flavours. 

1bIce-cream of one scoop (RM 8), two scoops (RM 12) & three scoops (RM 18) [Picture credits to IDC]

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset    Olive Oil & Sea Salt Flakes (RM 12)

IDC serves not-your-typical affogato with coffee but a range of other combinations; orange zest, spicy ganache, butterscotch, earl grey lavender, mocha mint chocolate and coffee as well. All at RM 12.

The highly recommended infused affogato has to be the Olive Oil & Sea Salt Flakes. A combination of vanilla ice cream laced with sea salt flakes, poured over with extra virgin olive oil. Very interesting flavour, a must-try if you’ve not experience it! However, I wouldn’t crave for it for my second visit.

beautiful messBeautiful Mess (RM 22)

A surprise of 5 divine flavours of Kapiti Ice-cream with hazelnut meal, served on a scrumptious bed of brownie chunks. The above flavours are their spicy apple crumble,  lemongrass and ginger, raspberry sorbet, after dinner mint & black doris plum & creme fraiche. Bold combination! Be adventurous and surprise your tastebud with their flavours(;

I can conclude IDC Ice Dreams Cafe would be the place for you if you’re looking for adventurous and bold flavours!

You can enjoy up to 20% discount when you make a reservation through Offpeak.

More info:
typePork -free
hoursTue-Thu: 1pm-10pm

        Fri-Sat: 12pm-11pm

        Sun: 12pm-10pm

        Closed on every Monday

contact+ 60377310969
location30 Jalan SS20/10, Damansara Kim


5. Bean Reserve

Bean Reserve, located at Bangsar is a new venture by Brewmen Solaris Mont Kiara situated away from the busy chaos streets. It is popular for their home-made softserves. Their ice-cream menu is pretty simple, for now they’re only serving cereal milk softserve (RM 8) and seasonable flavours. 

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Love how small and exclusive this cafe is! A perfect place to chill, away from all the hecticness. Less than 10 tables.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Of white walls, concrete flooring and wooden furniture. Interior allows abundance of natural light in during daylight. A simple and cozy environment.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

  Cereal Milk Softserve (RM 8)

Cereal Milk, one of the trending flavours now. Cereal Milk Softserve topped with cornflakes giving the crunch texture as you dive into the softserve. The softserve itself is creamy and smooth, it’s just so good. Their cereal milk fragrance is slightly to the mild side.

For coffee lovers, they serve softserve affogato (RM 15) as well which is a combination of softserve, cornflakes and coffee. One of the recommendations there!

Overall, an ice-cream worth trying and a perfect place to chill with your friends over ice-cream.

You can enjoy up to 20% discount when you make a reservation through Offpeak.

More info:
hoursMon-Fri: 8am-6.30pm

        Sat-Sun & Public Holiday: 9am-6.30pm

contact+ 60189699453
locationNo. 8, Lengkok Abdullah, Bangsar


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