5 Tips to Make a Good Buffet Experience a Great One


Ramadhan, it’s just around the corner! Many will pamper themselves with buffet dinner after a long day of fasting but the ultimate question is, did you buffet the right way? There’s no fixed rules to it, however a buffet dining experience will be more enjoyable if you keep these 5 things in mind.

1. Change your ‘buffet’ mindset

Typically, our buffet mindset goes like “We’re not paying a buffet price just for an ordinary 3 course meal”.  Having a constant thought to break even will ruin the whole dining experience. Admit it, we tend to stuff ourselves and end up eating way more than our poor stomachs can handle. It makes eating less of a pleasure and more for the sake of eating just to make the most of our money! Is it really worth the value if you pay for the latter? Think about it.

 eat you

2. Survey The Area.

A walk around the buffet table is important as scouting the battlefield. Number ONE rule is you shouldn’t enter into a war without knowing what you’re against. Similarly at the buffet table, survey all options and start filtering the food options available.  You can avoid the dilemma of filling your plate with, just say, baked potato and chicken parmigiana before you realise that there was a tasty looking Thai beef and glass noodle salad or fresh oysters over in the corner.

Also, set your food priorities and place your order on the hot sell foods or foods requiring some waiting around. That way you won’t be wondering what to do with your life while waiting for the chef to prepare that oh so juicy roast lamb!


Yup, Kim is doing it right. Kim is smart, be like Kim

3. Double Down.
Using smaller plates and glasses go a long way in ensuring you don’t end up taking more than you can chew, literally. Not only do big cups, bowls, and plates hold more food and drink to begin with, but they can also make normal portions seem smaller than they actually are, indirectly forcing diners to take much more in compensation. Studies show that finishing a full plate actually makes us feel full. The larger the plate, the more we’ll need to eat before that visual cue is fulfilled.


4. Choose foods wisely

Choose what you put on your plate with caution. Quality over quantity is the rule of thumb here. Avoid deep fried foods, that not only can you enjoy for less elsewhere, but are loaded in simple carbohydrates and saturated fat. Go easy on the other high carb foods such as pasta and curries as well.  Instead, try looking for fresh alternatives like a grilled fish, steak or an exotic salad, especially if you want to keep that waistline in check. In addition, Japanese foods such as sashimi, grilled mushrooms and asparagus as well as stewed foods are much healthier alternatives that will give you more value for money as well.

Not just food choices are important, sequence plays a vital part too! Start off with a light bowl of salad to get your engine warm up and end with a good hot tea after continuous rounds of heavy food to help aid any post-buffet tummy experiences. Just another pro tip!


5. Slow down. 

Buffets are not a dine-and-dash type of atmosphere.  Most of us put food in our mouth, chew a few times, and swallow disrupting our digestion. Proper digestion of food allows nutrients to be properly absorbed. It also prevents improperly digested food from entering your blood and causing a wide range of adverse effects to your health. So remember to thoroughly chew your food well! On top of that, you’ll feel full faster as well, avoiding that sudden crash people get after a particularly heavy meal.

Sometimes enjoying a buffet to its fullest isn’t just about the food, it’s about the friends and family! We eat, talk, and enjoy each other while sampling all kinds of new foods. Don’t be in such a hurry to leave or grab your next helping of rendang.



Practice the above said tips and in no time, you’ll be wise enough to be hailed as a buffet Jedi. On a side note, Offpeak team has compiled X buffet worthy spots for you to enjoy! Happy feasting and May the force be with you during your Ramadhan period! 


1) [HALAL] Aneka Cita Rasa @ Hotel Transit (15 June-30 June) 

Discount: 45%

Original price: RM88++; Discounted price: RM48++


2) [PORK FREE] Kitchen Art Brasserie @ Empire Hotel Subang (6 June- 5 July)

Discount: 50%


Original price: RM115 nett; Discounted price:RM49.90 nett


Original price: RM128 nett; Discounted price: RM58 nett


3) [HALAL] Terazza Brasserie @ Dorsett Grand Subang (7 June- 5 July)

Discount: 25%

Original price: RM150 nett; Discounted price: RM112.50 nett


4) [HALAL] Melati @ Dorsett Grand Subang (7 June- 5 July)

Discount: 25%

Original price: RM140 nett; Discounted price: RM105 nett


5) [PORK FREE] Temptations @ Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel (13 June- 26 June)

Discount: 20%

Buka Puasa Buffet:

Original price: RM145 nett; Discounted price: RM116 nett

Buka Puasa Buffet with Durian Package:

Original price: RM170 nett; Discounted price: RM136 nett


6) [HALAL] The Eatery @ Fourpoints by Sheraton (10 June – 3 July)

Discount: 25%

Original price: RM120 nett; Discounted price: RM9o nett


7) [PORK FREE] Essence Restaurant @ Sheraton Imperial KL (8 June – 4 July)

Discount: 25%

Original price: RM160 nett; Discounted price: RM12o nett


8) [PORK FREE] Byblos Cafe & Lounge (TREC) (6 June – 5 July)

Discount: 35%

Original price: RM88++; Discounted price: RM56++


9) [HALAL] Aquarium Coffee House (Best Western) (6 June – 3 July)

Discount: 10%

Original price: RM48nett; Discounted price: Rm43.20nett


10) [PORK FREE] Destino Caffe (Empire Damansara) (8 June – 3 July)

Discount: 20%

Original price: RM41.80nett ; Discounted price: RM33.44nett



11) [HALAL] O’Briens (7 outlets) ( 6 June – 5 July)

Discount: 40% off on ala carte

Monday – Sunday 7pm – 9.30pm


12) [PORK FREE] Gem Restaurant (6 June – 5 July)

Discount: 30% off on ala carte

Monday – Sunday 11am – 10pm


13) [PORK FREE] Fish & Co. (5 outlets) (6 June – 5 July)

Discount: 30% off on ala carte

Monday – Sunday 11.30am – 9pm excluding public holidays


14) [PORK FREE] Namoo Grey Korean Cafe(IOI City Mall) (6 June – 5 July)

Discount: 30% off on ala carte

Monday – Sunday 10am – 8.30pm 


15) [PORK FREE] Monroe Cafe & Restaurant(Penang) (6 June – 5 July)

Discount: 50% off on ala carte

Monday – Saturday 11.30am – 10pm 


16) [PORK FREE] Nosh Up (Atria Shopping Gallery, Jaya Shopping Centre) (6 June – 5 July)

Discount: 30% off on food and drinks ala carte excluding desserts

Valid Monday – Sunday 10am – 9pm 





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