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Looking for a place to have a quick brunch with your clients or your friends? 🤔 Even if you decide to have a grab and go lunch on your busiest day, we’ve got something new in store for you, a place to dine while you enjoy your meal at HALF PRICE! 🤑💰 The ones that make your taste bud sings while your belly is filled with satisfaction – Quartet @ Nu Sentral. 😌 Not only does their sandwich 🌯 make you dance but their coffee ☕ is there to save you from a tiring day. Coffee lovers will definitely be back for more. In fact, Quartet not only cater to the brunch teams, they also have donuts 🍩, cakes 🍰, granola cereals and even milkshakes. It’s a perfect place to visit at any time of the day. 💁🏻Whatchu’ waiting for? Go check it out this week and enjoy it at HALF PRICE with OFFPEAK NOW ‼

📌 Campaign Period: 10th July ~ 16th July 2017

Quartet (Nu Sentral) – ALL DAY 50% OFF
Valid Monday – Friday 8.30am – 9 pm; Saturday- Sunday 10.30am – 9 pm including public holidays
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